New big claims from the Erickson Bigfoot Project


I’ve written extensively about the Erickson Project, a multi-year endeavor by the Canadian financier Adrian Erickson to obtain footage and DNA samples from Sasquatches in Kentucky and other states and provinces in the United States and Canada. The results that were released by the team in 2013 have largely been debunked. Still, some members of the group stick to their story and claim that all is real. Shannon Pfohl, wife of project field researcher Dennis Pfohl, now stated in a conversation with me in the Coalition Facebook group, that Erickson still has more than two dozen unreleased video clips of Bigfoot. But no further info was given. Again, it’s big claims from the Erickson Project, much defensiveness and nothing more.

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Chris Kummer is a journalist and historian based in Switzerland. He focuses mainly on scientific controversies and inquiries into so-called paranormal phenomena.

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